If you have a Concern, the Chain of Command

Paraeducators are responsible to their immediate and/or primary supervisor and shall direct problems, criticisms and suggestions through the supervisor(s).

The primary supervisor is the special education teacher or related service provider (SLP, OT, PT, etc.) that the paraeducator has been assigned to. This person is responsible for the paraeducator' s schedule and supporting them in their various roles and responsibilities. They also will discuss issues such as problems or disagreements with other staff or students. Keeping the primary supervisor informed about all aspects of the paraeducator' s job is important.

The immediate supervisor is the one who has direct authority over the paraeducator in a particular setting such as the general education teacher in the general education classroom. While in this setting this person is responsible for providing the paraeducator with directions and answering questions. The immediate supervisor will change depending on the setting that paraeducator is in.

If the paraeducator has a request or concern they should visit with the primary supervisor first. If the primary supervisor is not able to resolve the issue or the concern is with the primary or immediate supervisor the paraeducator should make an appointment to visit with the Building Principal.

Next in the chain of command would be the CKCIE Program Coordinator assigned to the Paraeducator' s school.

If the issue continues to be unresolved the paraeducator may call or email the CKCIE Assistant Director (if not available the paraeducator may contact the CKCIE Director).

Please respect the chain of command, which infers before you go to the building principal or CKCIE Administration with a concern, you must talk to your primary supervisor first.